Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dear thai food cafe, i love you.

If I could only eat one thing for ever and ever, it would be Thai Food Cafe, no question. Holy crap the food is so good.

I left an impromptu note sewed to the piece. It says Dear Thai Food Cafe, I love you.

PS Please adopt me and feed me forever. :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yarn Bombing Month

I went to a World Wide Knit in Public Day yesterday to kick it with the producers and listeners of the Knit Happens podcast, right here in Portland. And of course, yarn bombing came up in conversation. Several people were interested in it, and July has been declared "Yarn Bombing Month". I'm down.

Hit up the Knit Happens folk on the web. They've got a facebook, ravelry, twitter, all that good stuff. And listen to the podcast, yo.

Now I just have to finish my next bike rack cozy and decide where to install it...

PS I'm on facebook too.